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Kuliah Kerja Administrasi 2018

Diumumkan kepada Mahasiswa Administrasi Negara angkatan 2015 kelas A & kelas B, dalam rangka pelaksanaan Kegiatan Magang Mahasiswa prodi Ilmu Administrasi Negara dalam kegiatan Kuliah Kerja Administrasi (KKA) 2018 di harapkan awal semester VI segera mengajukan Proposal KKA secara berkelompok ( 5 orang mahasiswa ). Adapun kegiatan magang tersebut hendaknya bisa dilakukan/dilaksanakan antara tanggal 2 Juli sd maksimal 3 September 2018 untuk tiap kelompok magang. Format proposal secara umum dapat di unduh di sini   PROPOSAL KKA pengajuan lokasi

Dynamics of Management of the Republic Indonesia Government in the face of the 2018 Political Year.

Dynamics of Management of the Republic Indonesia Government in the face of the 2018 Political Year.

( Herwan Parwiyanto, Public Administration Department /FISIP/ Universitas Sebelas Maret )

Indonesia entered the political year 2018, there are two big agenda that will take place. First, the simultaneous Regional Head Election ( pilkada ) which was attended by 171 regions, the second was the preparation of political parties to welcome the Legislative Election ( pileg ) & 2019 Presidential Election ( pilpres ). This political year will take up most of the energy of the political elite of government. First, president Jokowi is the new president served one period, although officially there has been no declaration of his candidacy at the Presidential Elections of 2019. Almost can be sure Jokowi will return to compete for the position of RI-1. Likely the concentration of Jokowi as the head of state and head of government be interrupted. Energy Jokowi will be drained in the arena of political consolidation if look at the level of electability Jokowi still below 50 % and it is said yet to be in a safe position (Rif’an, 2017). Second, among the 171 area held of the regional head election, many candidates of the incumbent. This condition is certainly not beneficial in the effort to accelerate all the development agenda because without the synergy with the local government then the target acceleration of national development will be difficult to realize (Rif’an, 2017). Third, the holding of regional head election 2018 will affect the political stability in Indonesia. The dynamics of Indonesian politics throughout the years 2016 to 2017 which then causes the Indonesian Democracy Index has decreased from 72.82 % to 70.08 %. Although in general is still in the same category, but the potential for political instability will still occur in Indonesia (Wirawan, 2017). Fourth, in the aspect of basic democracy that a system of stable democracy is the best guarantor, better political stability, which largely determines the economic growth and private sector investment in the long term (Parwiyanto, 2017).At the time of the democracy index in Indonesia fell slightly, accompanied by a will be the holding of the democratic party (election of regional head of 2018), then these conditions allow the onset of an influence on the growth of the national economy. So far the only entrepreneurs trying to increase alertness ahead of the political year 2018, related with who the prospective leaders who will lead, as well as the economic policies of what would happen. Despite this, the government remains optimistic a line indicator of the level of economic growth will increase, one of them in the level of consumption and economic activity that support political activity, such as the needs of the campaign (banners, t-shirts, election logistics).Fifth, as the holder of control in this Republic, the government needs to set strategy in the face of the political year. With strengthen solidity in all sectors of government. Solidity and compactness it is necessary at the start of the presidential aide in the cabinet. Political noise due to the maneuvers of a number of government officials these days should be avoided to create a favorable climate in the government.On the other hand, the efforts of the central government to build a synergy with local government also need to be strengthened. Therefore, although the head of the regional structure is an extension of the hand of the central government, but this fact is considered to be too autonomous to be able to support the agenda of the central government. During this time the head of the region is more likely to run the agenda respectively. The main challenge faced by the government not just to dwell on the issue of social, economic, political, and cultural purposes only. The complexity of the bureaucracy which is characterized by overlapping rules and policies, the politicization of the bureaucracy, up to klepto bureaucracy into the work of the house in the system of government that must be resolved (M. Idris, 2016).One of the efforts to form a synergy in creating good governance is to organize the activities of government-based electronic. The Ministry of the State Apparatus Empowering, Bureaucratic Reform (Kemen PAN RB ) announced that by 2018, both the activities carried out the Ministry, State Agency, or Local Government, mandatory electronic-based (Panama, 2017). This is because many of the problems found in the government, in the area also that the performance of ASN is not measurable, and the resulting product is also not clear. So central and local government should have a measuring tool that clearly in carrying out government activities, especially serving the community. The activities of government-based electronic will form a government that is transparent and accountable, as well as creating governance that is effective and responsive.

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